Once, Twice, Three Times a Diner

Yes, I’ve been eating so much pasta that I’ve gotten behind in my blogging.  Due to some urging by my best friend Anna, I’ve decided to get my butt in gear and REALLY eat some pasta.  That meant trips on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week.  I’m now officially a ‘regular’ as I’ve had two different waitresses welcome me back and ask me where my giant book is.  (It’s always there, ladies… looming… like a dark thunderstorm.)

The food continues to be good and I haven’t had any strange service incidents to talk about.  In fact, last night the awesome waitress Marilyn straight up asked me at the end of the meal, “Do you want me to pack you an extra plate and some breadsticks to go?”  (Yes, she got an extra tip for that.)  I had to order a glass of wine (HAD to, mind you…) so that she could run my credit card and I could leave her a tip.  This cashless society works *most* of the time.  The paranoid in me just thinks I need to carry more cash.  If only the bank could dispense it right through my monitor.  The ATM drive through is SO inconvenient.  I actually have to put my foot on the brake, roll down the window, and sort of ‘lean’ a little.  *tiring*


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