coming in for a landing

Well, we’re in our final week, and I’m still not sick of the pasta.  In fact, I learned a trick last week that I wish I’d known from the start… Olive Garden is HAPPY to let me use my card for take out.  So even on those days when I didn’t have time or energy to sit down, I could have gotten a meal and taken it home.  I’ve done it twice now and it’s super easy, plus you don’t have to tip anyone.  Next time, right?

In the meantime, I’m planning on making the most of this last week… going to try to go at least once every day if possible.  I suppose I could drive and get take-out for lunch, too.



2 thoughts on “coming in for a landing

  1. You sir are a piece of shit for saying you don’t have to tip for takeout at a restaurant. $2 or so isn’t going to kill you.


    1. Oh man… I LOVE these anonymous comments. ‘Jack’ you sure are brave the way you mouth off. Why don’t you use your real name so we can actually have a civil dialogue? You know mine. You know what I look like and where I live. The truth is cowards like you would never have the balls to talk like you do face-to-face. I’m letting this troll-post go through to call you out.

      As to your comment, no, $2 wouldn’t kill me, but I think you fail to understand the concept of a gratuity. It’s for exceptional service. Do you tip the person at the taco bell drive through? When I eat at a restaurant AND get good service, I tip well. When I get poor service I don’t. I personally wish the restaurants just charged a little more and paid better so these kids wouldn’t have to live off of tips. They’d attract better employees.


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